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Our Mission

abd-archive’s mission at its core is to create the world’s most extensive database of skateboarding tricks.

The act of skateboarding is ephemeral. Trick durations typically last for mere seconds. Filmers & photographers have strived to document the latest original progressive tricks to showcase in videos, zines, & now social media posts for decades. Tricks that push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible are fought for both mentally and physically.

Skateboarders authenticate through originality. To perform a trick first at a spot is something that is sought for. Doing a trick that’s already been done at a spot can have intrinsic internal value but just isn’t quite as notable.

Each successive generation is built upon the generations that preceded it. As skateboarding continues to grow we believe it becomes increasingly important for there to be a globally accessible, easily searchable database of tricks.

We aim to become the definitive resource in discovering “who did what, when & where” for all generations past, present, & future.